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Approaching Investments With An Operating Rather Than A Finance Mentality






About Torque

We focus on manufacturing because that’s what we know. Our industry experience, wide network of operating partners and hands-on approach give our portfolio companies the resources and the expertise they need to profitably grow— globally.

We don’t just finance businesses, we help build them. We provide both access to liquidity and expert guidance to maximize efficiency. We revitalize brands, enhance products and expand boundaries. Additionally, when needed, our network of on-the-ground partners brings the know-how and experience to operate in low-cost countries.

We look for growth opportunities and companies in special situations. We understand the value of an as-is-where-is transaction, and our professionals are experienced in privately negotiated transactions as well as Chapter 11, 363 and Article 9 lender sales. Our deals are structured to give companies an optimal financial structure, using low leverage to afford operating flexibility and accelerate revitalization.

Our operational focus enables Torque to add value far beyond the initial investment.