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Software Engineer

Kristen is a Vice President on the Operating Team and responsible for supporting human capital needs at the firm and portfolio level. Kristen is based in our Lexington office and joins us from Insight Global, where she focused on all things staffing, particularly key executives for Fortune 1,000 clients. Kristen graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Public Relations.

When Kristen isn’t banging down the door of her prospects, she teaches group fitness classes. She specializes in dance cardio and has tried (and failed) to convince Scot to include dance cardio in the weekly operations meeting. Greg and David are happy that Scot held strong on this one…. Kristen is a welcome addition to the team. Not only does she have all the skills a growing firm and portfolio need for recruiting and finding the best talent, but she can actually “out talk” Alicia at the lunch table.  Something that some of us thought was just not possible.

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